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Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet is the founder of RA SEKHI ARTS TEMPLE OF HEALING. She is a Heal Thyself Ambassador of Wellness, Natural Healer, Priestess, Community Activist, Afrikan Holistic Health Consultant, Spiritual Warrior, Sacred Woman, Educator, Mother, Tree hugger and Nature lover who has dedicated her life to promote health, wellness and natural living to our community.

I am  a child of SANGO AND SEKHMET sent to this realm to bring light.  I am a student of Great African Healers Queen Afua, Dr Llaila Afrika, Dr Sebi, Queen Ayaba Bey, Grandmother Nataska Hummingbird and other great Spiritual Mothers who have helped me remember the Ancient Ways of our Ancestors.  I have been a vegetarian for about 19 years,  teacher and Mother for 18 years, an artist and craftsperson for 17 years and a spiritualist forever.  I have studied and worshiped in almost every spiritual tradition I have found and so I consider myself Universal.  I feel that names divide our people and there are people who live in MAAT and call themselves Kemetic, Rasta, Yoruba, Akan, Vodoo and many other things.  When we chose to live in righteousness and truth we carry on the traditions of the Ancient Ancestors. When we chose to call on our Afrikan Gods and Goddesses we gain the power to overcome all obstacles and manifest our higher selves on this realm. 

 When I was 16 yrs young, I was diagnosed with an disease that caused me alot of pain and grief. I was told there was no cure but stress and poor eating habits could make it worse. Being from a very Spiritual family gave me the insight to believe that I did not have to suffer. So one day I put my hands on my aching spots and prayed, I prayed to every name for God that I knew, I prayed and chanted to be delivered from my sickness. It went on for hours until I finally went to sleep. When I got up the next morning I felt no pain at all. I was free and totally healed and was not bothered with the pain again.

It was then that I begin to understand the power of prayer. I continued on my spiritual journey seeking to find the truth about THE MOST HIGH. Thru my life I worshipped with every spiritual system and searched to find the ways that the first people, the Ancient Ones lived. I became a Sacred Women (thru the Great Mother Queen Afua) and learned about The Great Healer Sekhmet. It was around this time that I also learned about Reiki. My Spirit was telling me to take some classes and the Reiki class just stood out to me. I became a Reiki Master in 2000 but being the African Queen that I knew it wasn't right to give the credit to that healing modality to the Asians. We know everyone has taken our secrets, our culture, our ways and tried to label it as there own. So thru my work with SEKHMET I begin to hear a call very loudly to bring Reiki to our community and give our ancestors their proper credit.

I begin sharing these lessons in the Kemetic tradition in 2007 and have received much more insight about the practice as well. RA SEKHI is the name that was whispered to me to call this ancient healing art, because the practice deals with RA, the Universal Energy that sustains us all and Sekhem, which is our individual Life Force Energy (also called Chi or Ki). Ra Sekhi teaches us to be conscious of connecting our energy to the Universal Energy, being in tune with the Universe. Living in Amerika (especially in the cities) wears down our Sekhem and keeps us unbalanced. Ra Sekhi teaches us to build and balance our vitality, our aura, and Aritu (chakras). We should be conscious of Energy, how it works, and how to manipulate it to bring balance and harmony. Ra Sekhi shares this overstanding with us, as well as how to heal ourselves wholistically using prayers, chants, concentration, focus, symbols, palm healing & natural elements like crystal, oils, incense, and colors as our tools. Ra Sekhi shows us how to heal our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies. The Attunement starts you in a detox process to clean the toxins within and around you. It also works to heal past lives, and connect you to your higher self and your Spirit Guides.

I am thankful to be able to share what I have learned with others, because we need healing as a community. I am told that the more people who are dealing with this high level of energy work, the quicker the balance will come to our families and our communities. Ra Sekhi increases the power of those who are healers and Spiritual Warriors which is what we need to fight the Spiritual war we are in right now.

 I have a vision to build a healing compound to teach and bring natural healing to our community.  Contact me if you would like more info.  We are also accepting donations toward making this vision manifest into reality.  We appreciate your connection and support in advance. 

 You can read more about Kajara Nia Yaa in Sistah Vegan


What is RA SEKHI

RA SEKHI is an ancient wholistic healing modality.  Using energy as the focus for bringing balance and harmony to ones entire being.  We use symbols, hekau (mantras), focus, concentration, Spirit Guides, crystals, sound, and aromatherapy to create balance and harmony in one's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  It is similiar to what some call "laying on of hands" but uses other natural tools to manipulate one's subtle energy field, arit (chakras), and aura.  It can be used when one is physically present or through distance when one is not physically present.  It will activate a detoxing process within the client to MAAT (order) to one's mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.  During a RA Sekhi Healing session one may experience tingling, heat or vibration moving through them or nothing at all.  However one can be sure that the energy flow will begin to correct any and everything that needs to be brought into harmony. 

 RA Sekhi teaches us how to master and manipulate our power.  We have power in our thought, words, actions and power in our hands to create, program, heal, and manifest the things we want in our lives.  Ra Sekhi transcends time and space so it can help us connect and harmonize past, present, and future life experiences.  When we connect with RA, Universal life energy we connect with the universe therefore we are able to project our thoughts, words, and actions outside of our physical body.  I have connected with some of my past life experiences as well as projected myself to other places through my connection with RA and SEKHMET, and my RA SEKHI work. 

Feel free to connect with me if you want to know more, to set up a healing session, private or group class.




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